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What could be better than a locally-raised turkey for your holiday table? Our family has been raising Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys since 2009. Named for its bronze-colored sheen, this old standby breed was originally a hybrid of eastern wild turkeys and the domestic turkeys brought to the United States from Europe.  After trialing several different breeds over the years, we’ve settled on Bronze turkeys for their good disposition, ability to thrive on pasture, and superior quality. For more information on how we raise our turkeys on fresh forage, sunshine, and non-GMO feed, checkout our Farming Practices.

Unlike conventional turkeys, our enterprise is small and our inventory is limited. The exact sizes cannot be determined until the time of pickup. While we try to be as accommodating as we can about sizes, we are dealing with a natural process that is out of our control. Sizes differ from year to year, and we are no longer making predictions or taking specific size requests. We appreciate your flexibility if your turkey ends up being a different size than you anticipated. We invite you to embrace the wonderful variety that nature presents to us. If you find yourself with a smaller bird than you were planning for, supplement your Th
anksgiving dinner with more side dishes. If your bird is a little larger than you were expecting, enjoy leftovers! Worried about a large turkey not fitting in your oven? Rest assured that in all the years we have been raising turkeys (and eating the largest one ourselves each year!), we have never had one that did not fit in our standard size oven and roasting pan.



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