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We have a few very small 7 to 9  birds available. The total will be pre-paid online at time of purchase (no deposit this year). Turkeys will be frozen. 

Before checking out, please select your pickup date. We are offering two dates from 10am to 1pm at Hyde Park Winter Market located at Mad Tree Brewing. 

IMPORTANT: depending when you order, please note that either Winter Market at MadTree or Hyde Park Summer Market will show up as our main pickup location on the checkout page, which you will need to click on to process your order. Please disregard if this doesn't match your chosen turkey pickup time/location. We will asign turkeys based on what you choose on this page, not the checkout page. 

We cannot reserve specific sizes. The weight ranges are our best estimate and sizes may vary--please signup only if you are flexible about your bird size. ​​​​​​


Thanksgiving Turkey, 7 to 9 lb frozen

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