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Once an important part of honoring farm life cycles, we are bringing this tradition back by processing our retired layers for stewing. You might notice the fat is a richer yellow color compared to our broilers (meat birds). This is because hens spend 2 to 3+ years on pasture compared to broilers, which are processed at 8 to 10 weeks. The extra time foraging for grasses and bugs increases the vitamin and mineral content in a visible way. 


Important: must be cooked low and slow for 8-24 hours covered in water (stovetop or crockpot). Don’t rush it! The meat is very lean and the connective tissue needs time to break down. It takes more time and attention to prepare a stewing hen properly, but you’ll be rewarded with nutrient-dense meat and rich, magical broth and the knowledge that you're helping to bring back a lost culinary art.

10/10 great grandmothers recommend stewing hens for the best chicken and dumplings!

Stewing hen, whole, 2.5lb to 3lb

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