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MINI HAM: Our 2 to 3 lb mini hams are the perfect weeknight meal or addition to a small family gathering. Fully cooked and boneless, simply reheat and serve. 


COTTAGE HAM: 2 to 3 lb. Our bonless cottage hams are smoked and cured shoulder roast, a cut which is known for its marbling and flavor. Delicous roasted on its own or cooked with a pot of beans to lend a smoky flavor. 


WHOLE HAM, LARGE: Our bone-in whole whole hams are an easy, no fuss plan to feed a group. Hickory-smoked and cured with a conventional cure. These whole hams are done the old-fashioned way: skin-on, with a generous layer of fat. The result is a succulent and flavorful centerpeice for your meal. 


All hams contain: water, salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, maple syrup, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, sodium citrate, glycerine, sodium carbonate. Available frozen and vacuum-sealed. Please choose your desired size before adding to your cart. 

Whole Hams, various sizes

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