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Take advantage of bulk pricing by filling up your freezer with our pork! Half or whole hogs available. We have many options for you to customize your hog order, including smoked and fresh (uncured) pork. Price is $5.50/lb for actual meat in the package. This per pound price is for the weight of the pork you will take home versus a hanging weight price (hanging weight includes large bones and scraps that you do not receive). We feel that pricing based on actual meat yield is a little more straightforward and easier for our customers to understand and budget for. Yield of actual meat for 1/2 hog is 80 to 100 lbs and 160 to 200 lbs for whole hogs. Pork is vacuum packed and frozen.

Please review what is included with freezer hog orders, and indicate your preferred pork cuts by filling out the form here before adding this item to your cart. 


SALE! Save when you buy a whole hog! $5/lb instead of $5.50 (reg. price). For a limited time only!

Half Hog or Whole Hog