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Here's our grab and go grilling pack with everything you need for a spectacular cookout. Includes all our best cuts for the grill:
Option 1--Original Grill Bundle (includes pork):
1 pack burger patties (4 quarter lb patties)
1 pack pork chops (2 per pack, regular thickness)

1 pack brats (6 brats)
1 pack boneless chicken breast (2 pieces) 
1 sirloin steak 

Option 2--Pork-free Grill Bundle:
1 pack burger patties (4 quarter lb patties)

1pack chicken drums (~1.5 lb)
2 packs chicken wings (~ 2 lbs)
1 pack chicken brats (4 brats)

1 pack boneless chicken breast (2 pieces)

1 sirloin steak

Grilling Essentials Bundle

$64.01 Regular Price
$60.81Sale Price
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