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We've put together a selection of the meatiest cuts for the smoker, grill, and frying pan. Our Caveman Bundle includes:
1 pack of turkey drums--delicous smoked state fair-style (2  to 3 lbs)
2 packs Beef Short ribs (~2 lbs)
2 Pork Spare rib slab (~4 lbs)
1 pack Classic Bratwurst (6 links)
1 pack Beef burger patties (4 patties 1/4 each)
1 bulk pork sausage, sage or fennel (1 lb)
1 pack thick cut, double-rib chops (2-3 lbs, 2 chops)
1 pack bacon (~1lb--choose type before checking out)

Caveman Bundle

$106.20 Regular Price
$95.58Sale Price
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