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CSA Pricing and Share Examples

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Want to know how the CSA point system works and the quantities & types of veggies you'll receive with the various share sizes? Checkout the samples below of our harvest lists from previous seasons. This should help you decide how our CSA sizes and typical offerings might work for you. These harvest previews include the items available for the week + the value of each item.  Note that item prices/quantities vary from season to season depending on growing conditions, but this should give you an idea of what to expect. If you are still unsure which size is best, we always recommend starting with a small share and upgrading mid-season if needed. And please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions! 

Weekly Share Values: Small=20 points; Large=40 points; Super=50 points. When you arrive to pickup your share each week, you choose items from the tables until you reach your weekly point amount. Makeup days are double your weekly amount and we allow 4 per season. 

Harvest for 5/29:

Lettuce: 5 points/half bag

Asparagus: 5 points/bunch

Strawberries: 5 points/ pint

Eggs: 5 points/dozen

Swiss Chard: 3 points/ bunch

Kale: 3 points/ bunch

Salad turnips: 3 points/ bunch

Radishes: 3 points/ bunch

Green onions: 3 points/ bunch

Tatsoi: 5 points/ half bag


Harvest for 8/9:  

Cherry tomatoes: 4 points/pint

Tomatoes: 5 points/ quart 

Garlic: 2 points/ each

Cucumbers: 2 points/ each

Zucchini/summer squash: 2 points/ each

Carrots: 4 points/bunch

Green oak leaf lettuce: 5 points/half bag

Onions: 3 points/ pint

Eggs: 5 points/dozen

Eggplant: 3 points/ quart

Peppers (bell and snacking): 3 points/quart


Harvest for 10/16:

Cherry tomatoes/tomatoes: 4 points/pint

Red and yellow onions: 3 points/pint

Super sweet snacking peppers: 3 points/quart

Okra: 3 points/pint

Eggs: 5 points/dozen

Eggplant: 3 points/quart

Bell peppers: 3 points/quart

Bok choy: 3 points/bunch

Arugula: 5 points/half bag

Kale: 3 points/bunch

French breakfast radish: 3 points/bunch

Winter Squash: 5 points/each for large; 2/points/each for small

Sweet potatoes: 5 points/quart

Potatoes: 5 points/quart

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