About Us

 Jerry and Elizabeth Eaton operate the multi-generational family farm, with plenty of help from Jerry’s mother, Sudie, and father, Jim.  Silas, Ira, and Abe the three young sons, are eager to help, too, and love playing in the dirt, just like Jerry.

Located near Madison, Indiana, the Eaton Farm lies on a topographical wonder called Scott’s Ridge. The farm is about 70 miles from Cincinnati, OH. Consisting of several broad fields that taper off to narrow points above sloping wooded hollows, it is a special place that requires careful farming to prevent erosion. Crops are tended and cultivated in the main fields, farmers and the land 4the gradual slopes are reserved for forages for the farm animals, and the steep hillsides mainly support woods. The 50 acre farm was purchased by Jerry’s grandparents, the Scotts. About a half mile up the road stands the old homeplace, where many generations were born and raised, and dates back to the early 1800’s. In addition to the main farm where most of the produce and stock are raised, the Eatons rent about 40 acres of hay ground.

Having lived on Scott’s Ridge his entire life, Jerry has been farming for as long as he can remember and can’t imagine doing anything else. Elizabeth, originally from Cincinnati, was not raised on a farm, but felt drawn to rural life after becoming interested in sustainable food systems. The couple first met at Berea College, where they both received degrees in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Jerry and Elizabeth have had the privilege to be full-time farmers together since 2008.