We’ve crafted a bundle to help get 2021 off to a good start, and at a savings!
We’re including:
2 lb of ground beef
1 whole chicken
2 packs of chicken drumsticks
1 quart of rendered lard (the BEST all-purpose Locavore cooking fat! )
2 packs of pork chops
1 lb of sage pork sausage
1 pack of turkey sausage links OR bratwurst
1 dozen eggs

Need some ideas for how to prepare all this farm goodness? You can have a burger night Monday, roasted chicken on Tuesday, chicken salad for Wednesday’s lunch, make stock from the bones, and freeze it for soup. Wednesday’s dinner might include pork chops baked with apples. A quick spaghetti supper can be whipped up Thursday with our Italian sausage, and Friday might feature BBQ chicken drums. Turkey sausage and eggs can serve as a great leisurely Saturday brunch, and Sunday...just get in the car hungry and come back to the Farmer’s Market! 

This $85 bundle includes about $100 worth of our pasture-based farm goodies, and it's  a great way to stock up on an assortment of local items to prevent the dreaded meal planner’s block due to an empty freezer. 

Eat Local New Year's Resolution Solution Bundle

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