The Good Eaton ClubThrough our farm buying club, the Good Eaton Club, we offer our meat and eggs year-round through a monthly drop-off. GEC 1 Orders are taken in 6 month increments to help us anticipate demand and production. There is a price incentive, and you don’t need a huge freezer. It is customizable, allowing members to order as much or as little as they choose. Totals are paid up front, and then one evening a month, members pickup their pre-ordered eggs, turkey, chicken, beef and pork products. In addition to our farm items, we also offer local cheese and butter through an Ohio-based dairy co-op, with options for grass-fed and organic cheeses. For information on how the dairies operate, visit Simply Cheese.

GEC 3As a “consumer-driven” buying club, the drop-off is hosted at the home of Craig and Vera Soper in Clifton every second Monday of the month from 6-8pm. Vera also coordinates the ordering process, so for more information and an order form with prices, please contact her via email.


It’s so simple you’ll never have to set foot in the grocery store meat department again!