csa 7Why Join a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture membership provides capital for seeds, supplies, labor, infrastructure upgrades like irrigation and greenhouses, equipment, cover crops, soil amendments, new socks, insurance, nursery stock, mortgage payments, coffee…the list goes on.

It might not seem like a world-shifting sum when you send in your check, but it is! It supports the local economy, encourages good stewardship of our resources, and bolsters the sort of ingenuity that could well offer practical solutions to far-reaching problems like food safety, climate change, security, economic development. Did you know that agriculture affects the world and its inhabitants more than any other of human-kind’s schemes? How it is practiced is important!

AND! In addition to doing your part for local farmers, the community, and the planet…

You. Get. Food.

Food so good, it is unavailable at the store. Don’t believe us? Do a carrot taste test! Unless, of course, you like the stringy mouth-feel of cardboard-tasting roots…

If just 1/10 of the families in the area bought a CSA share, the rural decay and abuse that comes from poor farming would no longer be encouraged. Instead, we would have cleaner water, a broader property tax base (more barns, greenhouses, etc) for local schools and projects, healthy soil, and healthier people!

The Eaton Farm offers both Produce Shares (summer and fall options) and a year-round Meat Share option. We operate using a “market-style” credit system, which gives members more flexibility than traditional CSA programs. Here’s your chance to get on board with the local food movement, improve your health, re-connect with your food and farmers, and enjoy eating consciously!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

For pricing information and to sign up, click here!